Holistic Health Practice At State Road Transport Organisation

Awareness, habits, behavior, lifestyle, and environment are all important variables that together contribute to ensure good health. Taking that thought forward, the featured organization recently launched health and environmental prevention initiatives for their employees and staff, with renowned health aggregator MyFitnessWallet(MFW).

Annual Health Checkup at Chicago-based Global Technology Company

MyFitnessWallet (MFW) is known for its end-to-end optimum healthcare management and cost-effective solutions that are compliant with the highest levels of data security. Impressed by the clean-cut reputation, the HR team of the organization sat with MFW success champions and a personalized healthcare plan was created that would work effectively throughout the country.

Health Screening & Assessment at an Indian Food Products Company

MyFitnessWallet set up and delivered five camps, including one in Chennai, one in Mumbai, and three in Bangalore within five days. The health package included vital count, vaccination for Typhoid, Blood and Urine Test. These camps were run simultaneously, in five different locations, and managed single-handedly by MFW team.