Our Employee Wellness Programs

Explore our comprehensive wellness solutions, including mental health, fitness,
nutrition, and stress management programs, designed to boost workplace satisfaction.

The "3" Pillars

Care Planning

End-to-end, tech-driven programs

My Fitness Wallet partners with organizations to create tailor-made health and wellness programs that serve to minimize healthcare costs, boost employee satisfaction, enhance retention, augment productivity and promote a superlative culture of health and wellbeing. Our partner network allows us to craft thoughtful, bespoke programs for every organization, each pointed at allowing flexible implementation and eliciting focused results.

Business Intelligence

Powerful, analytics-powered engine

Our unique API-powered programs and platforms allow you to marry avant-garde technology with your company’s localized intelligence to create comprehensive, cutting-edge analytics. Our analytics engine safely and securely processes a range of data metrics to form a customized health dashboard.

Quality Execution

Flawless, foolproof grassroot execution

Our strength lies in growing and galvanizing personalized health and wellness programs on the ground. Through data-driven messaging and human, digital and mobile touchpoints, our team of hustlers strive to incentivize your employees to engage in wellness workshops, participate in health programs and work towards a better lifestyle.

Comprehensive Wellness Tailored for You

Boost your company's productivity and well-being with our customized Corporate Employee Wellness Programs. We design wellness initiatives tailored to your organization's unique needs, promoting a healthier, happier, and more engaged workforce.

Employee Wellness Workshops

Our interactive workshops cover a wide range of topics, from stress management and nutrition to fitness and mental health. Equip your employees with the knowledge and tools they need to lead healthier lives, both at work and beyond.

Active Healthcare Consultation

At My Fitness Wallet, we believe in proactive healthcare. Our expert consultants offer personalized guidance to your employees, ensuring they make informed decisions about their health. By promoting early detection and prevention, we help your team stay healthy and thriving.

Fitness Challenges and Competitions

Turn wellness into a fun and motivating journey with our fitness challenges and competitions. Fostering camaraderie among your employees, these events encourage physical activity and healthy competition while enhancing team spirit.

Nutritional Guidance

A healthy diet is a cornerstone of well-being. Our nutrition experts provide tailored dietary recommendations and guidance to help your employees make better food choices, ensuring they stay energized and focused.

Wellness Incentives and Rewards

Recognize and appreciate your employees' commitment to wellness with our incentive and rewards programs. From gift cards to exclusive fitness gear, we offer exciting incentives that inspire your team to prioritize their health.

Our Services

Nutritional Guidance

Help your employees make healthier food choices with our Nutritional Guidance program. Features include:

Personalized Meal Plans: Employees receive meal recommendations tailored to their dietary preferences and health goals.

Educational Resources: Access to nutritionists and resources to improve eating habits and overall well-being.

Weight Management Support: Our program is designed to help employees achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

Wellness Challenges and Rewards

Engage your employees in fun and rewarding wellness challenges. Features include:

Customizable Challenges: Tailor challenges to your company’s specific goals, whether it’s weight loss, stress reduction, or fitness improvement. Incentives and Rewards: Motivate participation with incentives such as gift cards, fitness trackers, and more.

Progress Tracking: Monitor the success of your wellness challenges and celebrate your employees’ achievements.

Employee Wellness Platforms

Transform your company culture with our cutting-edge Employee Wellness Platforms. These digital hubs serve as the heart of your wellness programs, offering employees easy access to a wide array of health resources. Features include:

Personalized Health Profiles: Employees can track their health journey, set goals, and receive tailored recommendations.

Challenges and Competitions: Foster a sense of camaraderie and motivation through friendly fitness challenges and competitions. Educational Resources: Access a library of wellness articles, videos, and webinars to boost health literacy.

Health Screenings

Our On-Site Health Screenings bring essential health checks right to your workplace. Key features include:

Comprehensive Assessments: From blood pressure to cholesterol levels, we offer a range of screenings to detect potential health risks.

Convenience: Save your employees valuable time by providing access to screenings during working hours.

Data-Driven Insights: Our screenings generate valuable health data that can inform your corporate wellness strategy.

Stress Management Workshops

Promote mental health and well-being with our Stress Management Workshops. Features include:

Workshops and Seminars: Engage employees in interactive sessions to help them better cope with stress.

Mindfulness and Relaxation Techniques: Equip your team with practical tools to reduce stress and improve mental clarity.

Emotional Well-Being: Addressing stress can lead to a more emotionally resilient and productive workforce.

Telehealth Services

My Fitness Wallet’s Telehealth Services provide your employees with convenient access to medical consultations from the comfort of their homes or workplaces. Benefits include:

24/7 Medical Support: Employees can connect with qualified healthcare professionals whenever they need assistance.

Reduced Absenteeism: Quick access to medical advice and prescriptions can help employees recover faster and return to work sooner.

Preventive Care: Telehealth consultations enable early intervention, preventing minor health issues from becoming major concerns.

  • Consult a Doctor (MBBS)
  • Consult a Specialist (MD)
  • Consult a Wellness Expert