Health Camp For One of the Largest American Banks – India Base

“Prevention is one of the few known ways to reduce demands for health and aged care services.” -Julie Bishop

“Prevention is better than cure” or “A stitch in time saves nine” are some of the famous proverbs we have heard in our childhood days. But it is only when we grow up that we realize the profundity of these lines. By now, we all might have been through some health condition that has taught us the importance of prevention. However, according to the Benefits Manager at our featured client, “preventive measures need to be taken both at individual and societal levels, and corporate wellness programs play a key role here.”

The situation

This is about one of the largest American banks that has a widespread presence all over the world,  specially in India. It holds an annual nationwide health check-up for its employees. However, since past several years, they had been facing issues in managing these camps – the biggest of these challenges being the team size and geographical spread. They are almost in all parts of the country, hence finding a single health aggregator was difficult. Secondary considerations were the hurdles of time and cost. As the number of employees in question was quite significant, it was challenging for the company to find a healthcare provider who could deliver desired service levels within a defined budget and time.

ADAM comes into the picture

This is where ADAM came into the picture. ADAM has a reputation of providing end-to-end  optimum healthcare in the most cost-effective and secure format. Therefore, the HR team and Benefits Manager sat with them, and the ADAM team was able to map out a comprehensive  health care plan that was able to cater to people across the state boundaries.

At the start of the health camp, ADAM had four checkpoints to achieve, and they were-

  • Understanding the people and their culture
  • Maintaining cost while providing competitive benefits
  • Reduction of the time taken per employee
  • Ensuring timely delivery of health reports

The results after working with ADAM

ADAM’s healthcare platform delivered com- prehensive healthcare solution to their employees  working in India.

The company has 40,000+ employees. In addition, a detailed delivery analysis of checkups and results across the corporate with a suggested “call for action” was also provided to the organization.

The bank loved the excellent service, fast delivery and 360° approach to wellness adopted by ADAM. They noted a 3x increase in employee engagement, which was significantly higher than what the company has achieved in the last couple of years.

ADAM, as the aggregator, was pleased to get an opportunity to work with an organization with such an extensive presence, and felt accomplished to deliver yet another successful project with better than projected metrics. While there were some challenges managing such a big team, at no point of time did the task seem daunting or seem to go off plan. They triumphed over obstacles and paved their way to becoming leaders in the healthcare segment.