Annual Health Checkup at Chicago-based Global Technology Company

“The groundwork of all happiness is health.” – Leigh Hunt

Preventive healthcare or prophylaxis, are typically the measures taken for disease prevention, as opposed to disease treatment. “We have seen a gradual shift in the way our employees seem to be willing to make lifestyle shifts to achieve overall wellness. Many corporations now realize the importance of preventive wellness and how it is necessary to ensure a healthy tomorrow”, says Head HR, of our featured client. The organization is highly dynamic in nature and has some pretty it employees who keep the general enthusiasm about health and fitness high. How do they do that? Well, that is a combination of the zeal of the organization to keep their employees fit and MyFitnessWallet’s promise of “Happy and Healthy” employees. Here, is the story of how has this collaboration worked.

The situation

This Chicago, Illinois based global technology company has a worldwide presence with nearly 40 offices in 14 countries. In India, it has offices in all major cities such as – Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Gurgaon. The company has always focused on health checkup for its employees and tried to organize health checkup or body checkup days for its employees. However, this was highly dependent on the type and kind of hospitals/diagnostic centers available in that area. Due to varied health aggregators and health plans, it became difficult for the organization to manage this process in a standardized manner and control the employees’ health outcome, which was the overall goal. “People had to be reminded at least twice about their health checkup plans or camps, and still the participation rates would be bare minimum,” Sr. HR Manager of the tech company.

ADAM comes into the picture

ADAM is known for its end-to-end optimum healthcare manage- ment and cost-effective solutions  hat are compliant with the highest levels of data security. Impressed by the clean-cut reputation, the HR team of the organization sat with ADAM success champions and a personalized healthcare plan was created that would work effectively throughout the country. After thorough research and demographic profiling of the organization, ADAM came up with the following goals of the collaboration.

  • Understand the people, culture and their region
  • Maintain cost effectiveness without compromising on competitive benefits
  • Complete body checkup of all employees within a given capsule of time
  • Deliver health reports and overall analysis in a timely manner

The results after working with ADAM

Working alongside the client organization, ADAM thoroughly understood the needs of the employees and conducted on-site camp for them.

This flexibility for the employees to avail their on-premise annual health resulted in markedly higher participation rates.

On the whole, the care planning process was a success. The client was impressed by the outcomes delivered through the seamless process. They extended the partnership with ADAM for the 2nd year to continue reaping benefits of hassle-free, quality execution, super-fast delivery, 360° tech-driven approach with the secured digital platform.

ADAM is currently delivering health checkups to the organisation’s employees. In addition to this, a detailed delivery analysis of the health checkups is presented to the organisation’s HR department at the end of the year, along with possible “call for action” measures that need to be considered to ensure overall employee wellness. The organization has noted a 4x increase in employee engage- ment, which was not the case during their previous operations.